With thanks to Seth Godin, marketer and entrepreneur.

Everyone loves being valued. But in our fast-paced digital world, how do you stand out from the crowd, get noticed and then stay noticed?

By getting under the skin of who you want to connect with, where they look and what they're looking for. You can find and develop lasting relationships with people who really get what you're about and value what you do.

well crafted
attention to detail

Here at Tin-Can Telephone, we are fascinated by people - how they think, the way they act, their motives and intentions. We pride ourselves on our intelligent and thoughtful approach to creating memorable, well-crafted and magical communication which will speak directly to the people it is intended for.

We can help you navigate the bewildering choice of communication tools to find exactly the right ones for you. We bring decades of experience in storytelling, campaigning, design, writing, filmmaking and managing creative projects to help you get noticed and stay connected.

We would love to hear from you. The first meeting with clients is always exciting, stimulating and a chance to find out how we work. It is also free. Contact Us.

good design
Web design - the shop window of your business or organisation. You only have moments to hook your audience in. It needs to communicate who you are and what you do with clarity and elegance.
Branding and Strategy
Your brand is not just your logo, it is all your communications. With an intelligent strategy, you can grow the brand that will attract the right audience for you.
There is power in well-chosen words. Text has to be carefully crafted for the task, whether writing for the web, printed materials, video scripts, social media, newsletters, email or books. Writing is central to our business.
We can offer you a fresh perspective, we find and generate the stories that are newsworthy. We're good at writing press releases, and we have more than a few useful contacts in the address book. Charities are our speciality.
Communication happens as much visually as it does through words. Good design is essential to good communication.

A few moments with our Communications MOT could just change your fortunes

This short MOT has helped change the fortunes of many who have taken it. It offers an opportunity to pull over momentarily and check your communications engine is working as it should. It only takes a couple of minutes - then we will come back to you with a report on how to get your engine purring.