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Your organisation or company might just be brilliant, but does your audience know it?

Communications today are vital. There is so much background 'noise', with all kinds of media desperate to get our attention, whether it's advertising trying to sell us something, friends posting their sun drenched holiday snaps, 24 hour news or worthy charities needing our money. We have never been so bombarded with information and demands. How do we get noticed in the noise? Edinburgh PR and Communications Company, Tin-Can Telephone can help.

Tin-Can Telephone helps you to hone your message, so that it is perfectly clear, instantly understood and leaves you wanting more - the key to engaging your audience in a noisy world. With so many information choices before us, your communication has to be crystal clear and compelling in order to reach its audience. TCT brings its unique set of skills to bear in making your communication the most compelling it can be. We offer a breadth of experience across television, film, publishing and social media that few others can rival. At the heart of every message is a story, whether it is the story of your company, product or charity; and if we tell that story well, your audience will listen. And stories are what we do. 

Start the conversation and get in touch with us, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Some of the things that you might need:

  • Web Copy - writing natural copy that also hits keywords for search engine optimisation
  • Publicity - telling your stories for news outlets, magazines, papers, blogs
  • Social Media Campaigns - communicating through short form text, pictures and video
  • Strategy - you can't do it all, but you can do what you need to, very well with our help

TCT also believes in making a positive contribution to our communities, both local and global. We like to work with people who want to make a positive impact on those communities, whether its an excellent product, entertainment, exhibition, service or charitable cause. We know from experience that working with companies and individuals who share those values produces the strongest results.

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Recent Case Study

headland-archaeology-logoHeadland Archaeology were in the process of refreshing their online presence, building a new website, re-examining their brand values and rewriting their content. TCT undertook to rewrite over 22,000 words of content across their site, and help develop their online image. In addition, TCT prepared various promotional materials for them, aimed at attracting new graduate recruits to the business. (www.headlandarchaeology.com)



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"Just a note to say thanks a million for the press release you sent through for my Edinburgh Fringe Festival show. You managed to capture the essence of the show perfectly, how you do it in so few words is beyond me. Your professionalism, patience and quick response times while dealing with a stressed-out performer were so very much appreciated. With your help over 2,500 people came to see my show.  I look forward to working with you again in the future."