Legendary Business Course

A call from Mumbai I picked up the phone and I heard the familiar click, the momentary sound of the call centre, before the silence. It is at this point that I usually just hang up. If I stay on the phone, it will be someone claiming to be from Microsoft saying I have a […]

TIn-Can Telephone Exchange

Four Communications Resolutions We All Need To Make For the New Year

To paraphrase Tony Robbins, the quality of your business life is in direct proportion to the quality of your communications. He may have been talking about individuals, but the same goes for businesses.  Every business needs to manage its relationships, cultivate them, keep them healthy, keep offering value and maintain morale to be effective, easy […]

Good Communications can make an opportunity out of a weak pound

Tourist industry can cash in on weak pound through good communications

Post-Brexit Britain is an uncertain place. One thing we have seen is the plummeting of the pound. Whilst there will be struggles in the current climate, there will also be opportunities. One sector of British industry needs to cash in on this, and that is the tourist industry including heritage, museums and visitor attractions. Britain […]

Communicating in a Crisis

Communicating in a Crisis

Nobody enjoys a crisis, and when it hits an organisation, there are a cascade of potential consequences. Depending on the size of the crisis, it can pose an extreme threat to the whole of the organisation, loading on the pressure at many different levels of management, employee, or any stakeholders. In the worst case scenario, […]

Holistic Public Relations

Holistic Public Relations – how good PR works

Holistic PR So what is Holistic PR? Lets take as a starting point the definition of PR as defined by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations : “Public Relations is about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you”. Public Relations is the discipline that looks […]