Fairytale Communications

Rapunzel… a cautionary tale of communication

Once upon a time there was a damsel named Rapunzel imprisoned in a high tower by an evil witch. When a handsome prince, we’ll call him Eric, heard her singing he wanted nothing more than to release the poor girl. He stood beneath the tower and shouted, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair”. But Rapunzel […]

The Power of Truth

The Power of Truth in Communications

A new website, a new truth For our new website we chose a quote by marketeer and entrepreneur, Seth Godin, which we think tells us an important truth; “People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic” This is something that chimed with our own philosophy of communications and it made […]

Good Communications can make an opportunity out of a weak pound

Tourist industry can cash in on weak pound through good communications

Post-Brexit Britain is an uncertain place. One thing we have seen is the plummeting of the pound. Whilst there will be struggles in the current climate, there will also be opportunities. One sector of British industry needs to cash in on this, and that is the tourist industry including heritage, museums and visitor attractions. Britain […]


The Power of Stories for your Organisation

Some will have you believe that stories are a new invention associated with such buzzwords as ‘content marketing’ or ‘Brand Storytelling’ but actually that’s not true. Stories are as old as we are. Since we first grunted at one another on the African savanna, 3 million years ago, stories are what sets us apart as […]